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Anambas Hotels, Homestays & Dorms

Anambas, quite possibly Asia's last hidden paradise, is still blissfully untouched and unspoilt by tourism. This is one of the main attractions of Anambas: its still-authentic old-world charm, along with its countless undisputed environmental treasures, both below and above the waterline.

If you want to experience this mysterious land of enchantment that nobody seems to have heard of, then now is the time to do it.

Unassuming little hotel in Anambas
Unassuming little hotel in Anambas

Whilst not exactly plentiful, there are a few lodgings and island hotels available in Anambas that are more than worth it. The problem is, however, how to find the better ones, given that there's not that much information to be found online just yet.

Hotel Recommendation
If you'd like to get a few pointers from those who are in the know, i.e. yours truly, just send us a quick inquiry. We know Anambas well. Better yet, we know which are the better places to stay at. And we're happy to share :)

Basic accommodation can be found
Basic accommodation can be found

Alternatively, if you need details on all-in resort packages have a look at the Anambas Resort Promo. By the way, Anambas also offers homestay and dorms.

Email vs. Whatsapp
One item to clarify is that Internet and Wi-Fi may not always be at the quality or the speed you're used to back home. This is part of the trade-off of taking the road less travelled.

In view of this, if you were going to reserve your hotel room by email, do keep in mind that the reservation confirmation may take a while to get to you. Unless you use Whatsapp of course.

Not Maldives but Anambas, at just 1 hour from Singapore
This might look like Maldives, but it's actually Anambas, located at just 1 hour from Singapore

Now, if you prefer to receive confirmation for your booking without any delay, then call or send your hotel inquiry to +62 813 7242 9004.
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